The Difference Experience Makes

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. (RTS) is the world leader in performing radiation effects testing and analysis for electronics in space and military applications. Our experienced staff and comprehensive commercial laboratory ensure we can meet your testing and analysis needs on time and within budget.

Turnkey Testing Services

Single Event Effects

At RTS, we have a dedicated team of experts who perform turnkey tests on devices from transistors to FPGAs and microcontrollers. RTS can perform destructive, non-destructive, full characterizations or specific tests for SEL, SEDR, SEU, SEGR, SEB, SET, and SEFI. We offer services for device preparation, including packaging, de-lidding, and die thinning.

SEREEL2 for Laser SEE Testing

RTS offers Laser Single Event Effects (SEE) testing and support services, expanding our SEE testing options. This technology works by using a pulsed laser to simulate the impact of heavy ions, allowing for a direct correlation of the upset site with a location on the die and automated scanning of user-defined areas of the sample with pinpoint accuracy.

The SEREEL2 testing units are also available for purchase. The SEREEL2 system is incredibly customizable to fit your specific requirements and needs. The customized setup options include a variety of wavelengths, pulse duration, and pulse energies.

Radiflo Mark V, Krypton-85 Leak Testing

Leak testing with the Radiflo Mark V ensures extreme sensitivity when measuring fine and gross leak rates in your high-reliability devices. Krypton-85 leak testing has been the preferred and proven method to characterize small leak rates in critical components for space and military applications. RTS’s test lab maintains ISO-9001 and DLA suitability for MIL-STD 750 TM 1071 and MIL-STD 883 TM 1014.

Circuit and System Analysis

RTS will work closely with your team to understand and mitigate long-term parametric degradation, destructive effects, and non-destructive effects on materials, electronics, and optics at the component and system levels. Errors or degradation are evaluated at the component level and then propagated through the system to evaluate and understand the impact of radiation on performance and help clients understand how to mitigate the effects, if necessary.

Facility Rental

In addition to offering turnkey testing services, the RTS facility in Colorado Springs is available to rent for testing and experiments. The facility features a premiere assortment of radiation testing equipment for High/Low dose, X-ray/Prompt, Neutron, E-Beam, and Laser SEE testing options.

High-Dose Gamma Irradiation

RTS offers high-dose irradiation according to MIL-STD 750 and MIL-STD 883 TM 1019 dose rates or custom dose rates for materials, components, and systems.

Two Low-Dose Room Gamma Irradiators

Using either of our room irradiators, components and circuit cards can be exposed to low doses of gamma radiation over a long period. Most tests are performed in accordance with MIL-STD 750 and MIL-STD 883 TM 1019.

Two Flash X-Ray/Prompt Dose Irradiators

RTS has two flash X-ray irradiators, the Pulserad 112A and Ion Physics FX25, available for clients to test at higher energy levels and avoid redundancy. With two X-ray irradiators supporting MIL-STD 750 and MIL-STD 883 TM 1020 and 1021, RTS can offer faster turnaround times and predictable delivery dates.

Neutron Generator

Using a 14-MeV Neutron Generator, RTS offers displacement damage and upset testing in accordance with MIL-STD 750, MIL-STD 883 TM 1017, and JESD89A.

Pelletron 1-MEV E-Beam Generator

Materials and electronics that are located on the outside of a satellite and vulnerable to significant electrical charging may require testing with an electron beam to evaluate the potential charging effects.

Analysis & Consultation

Let Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. become an extension of your team. We are a center of excellence for radiation effects testing. Whatever the mission, whatever the environment, our engineers will work with your team to find the solutions that best meet your needs.