Cobalt 60 High Dose Rate Gamma Irradiator

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. offers client access to testing on a high dose rate irradiator. The gamma irradiator exposes materials, components, and systems to high-dose irradiation according to custom dose rates or military standards:

General Description

Our 35,000 sq/ft Colorado Springs lab houses premiere radiation technology such as the high-dose rate gamma irradiator. The panoramic gamma irradiator contains a single large radioisotope source to treat samples up to 20 in x 20 in (50 cm x 50 cm). Samples are placed in the irradiation chamber (32 in x 24 in x 22 in) for Co-60 radiation per client specifications.

Our equipment has the following dose range:

We calibrate the gamma irradiator according to NIST standard measurements to ensure reliable performance and precision.

Special Features and Requirements

The RTS Colorado Springs lab is DLA suitable for radiation testing. Our experienced support staff are available to help design, conduct, and support any test.

Instrumentation and Data Collection Equipment Available

Availability and Lead Times

Our facility and sources are available for turnkey testing or source daily rental. Request a quote for daily Co-60 source rental and/or complete radiation test program for your device. Our clients typically expect a two-to-four-week lead time, but we support rush jobs for high-priority scenarios.

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