Radiation Test Solutions Inc. Highlighted in Military Embedded Magazine

Military Embedded Systems is a magazine that focuses on the providing timely and educational content for the total military program life cycle. With a digital issue published monthly, the content focuses on technical coverage that applies to all military program stages.

In the June 2021 issue, the theme is “Leveraging Small Sats for Defense.” In keeping with that theme, the editors reached out to our very own experts at RTS. Starting on page 40, Richard Sharp and Malcolm Thomson lend their expertise on the topic of radiation single event effects.
In their article, they detail how cosmic radiation in space can cause electronic failure in satellites. In the context here of military applications, this is of particular interest as the requirements for military missions are significantly more stringent than that of commercial use. 
As thought leaders on the subject and satellite radiation testing service providers, RTS works with both the private sector and within the military sphere to ensure satellites are properly qualified for launch so that failures don’t happen in space.