Pulserad 112A Flash X-Ray Facility

Radiation Test Solutions’ Colorado Springs facility hosts a Pulserad 112A flash X-ray source for prompt dose rate Transient Radiation Effects in Electronics (TREE) testing.  Our highly experienced specialists can perform turnkey MIL-STD 883/750 upset, burnout, and latch-up testing or rent and operate the source for client testing.

State-of-the-Art Facility

We help ensure electronic devices can withstand harsh environments and radiation levels without significant failure or loss of quality. Our clients in the military and aerospace industries use our facilities to verify sophisticated technology complies with strict military standards, such as:

The Pulserad 112A is one of two X-ray irradiators available at our 35,000 sq/ft facility, enabling RTS to provide a faster turnaround rate. Our facility supports a variety of environmental tests for rad-hardened and reliable products.

Technical Characteristics

The X-ray irradiator accommodates specimens up to 50 cm x 50 cm in an EM shielded cabinet. Isodose contour and axial dose/dose-rate maps for dose-area determinations are available upon request. Our experts are available to help clients reconfigure the Pulserad 112A to suit their testing needs.

Instrumentation and Data Collection

Special Features and Requirements

This complicated instrument requires a thorough understanding for safe and effective operation. Upon request, our experts can help clients design and conduct radiation tests in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

RTS has lab suitability for these tests from DLA. We conduct all irradiations to MIL-STD 750 Test Method 3478 and MIL-STD 883 Test Methods 1020,1021, and 1023 specifications.

Typical Costs and Schedule Lead Times

Contact Radiation Test Solutions to request a quote for daily rental or radiation test programs. Clients can typically expect a two- to four-week lead time.