Low Dose Panoramic Gamma Irradiators
(2 Cells)

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive testing support and Cobalt-60 source rental from our Colorado Springs facility. Clients may use our panoramic gamma irradiators to test products exposed to low dose rates of Cobalt-60 radiation. The RTS experts at our Colorado Springs facility are deeply familiar with the technology and procedures involved in gamma radiation testing. Our staff can provide insight and guidance throughout the design and implementation of the testing process.

Technical Characteristics

Clients frequently use a Co-60 radioisotope source for total dose (TID) testing compliant with TM 1019 in MIL-STD 750 and MIL-STD 883. The gamma irradiator exposes components to low dose rates of Cobalt-60 gamma radiation for prolonged test periods.

The radiation dose rate varies with the sample’s distance from the radioisotope source. The typical configuration provides 10 mrad (Si) per second in accordance with TM 1019.

To ensure our clients can rely on accurate measurements and analysis, RTS makes all calibrations traceable to NIST.

Instrumentation and Data Collection

Special Features and Requirements

The MIL-STD 883 1019.7 setup is for testing semiconductor circuits for total dose effects after exposure to ionizing radiation. All irradiations are conducted using a lead/aluminum enclosure to control the radiation effects on the sample. The maximum inside dimensions of these boxes are 19” x 14” x 4” for our medium box and 27” x 14” x 7” for our larger boxes.

Experienced Radiation Test Solutions staff are available to design, support, and conduct radiation testing. Our radiation lab has DLA suitability status for radiation tests and experiments.

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The Radiation Test Solutions lab is operational and available for turnkey testing or Cobalt-60 source rental. Reserve access to the panoramic gamma irradiators at our Colorado Springs location by contacting us today.

Request a quote for daily rental and/or complete radiation test program for your product. The typical lead time is two to four weeks, but we often support expedited services.