The old adage that there’s a “right” tool for any kind of job is still true in the satellite and aerospace industry. Because single event effects (SEE) occur in the harsh environments of space, specialized equipment is needed to perform radiation tests before electronics can be deployed. There are various types of equipment and technology used to accomplish this by radiation testing experts. One such piece of equipment, the SEREEL2, was developed to alleviate an industry bottleneck at many traditional SEE testing facilities.

SEREEL2 Laser System

Since the cost of testing at accelerators is high and availability is poor, the confluence of these factors now makes laser SEE testing more attractive. Radiation Test Solutions (RTS) —continuing to expand and enhance its radiation testing and spacecraft analysis capabilities — has recently acquired Radtest Ltd., the creators of the SEREEL2 laser system. RTS has installed a SEREEL2 laser based SEE testing system at their 35,000 sq.ft. Colorado Springs, CO testing facility.

SEREEL2 is a comprehensive solution for semiconductor testing and sensitivity analysis. The technology works by using a pulsed laser to simulate the impact of a heavy ion. This provides the opportunity to examine the response at both the front and back surfaces of a die. 

SEREEL2 provides direct correlation of the upset site with a location on the die and automated scanning of user-defined areas of the sample. In addition, this system is incredibly customizable to fit your specific requirements and needs. The customized setup options include a variety of wavelengths, pulse duration and pulse energies.

SEREEL2 Benefits

Single Event Effects

RTS Aerospace Radiation Testing Capabilities

Radiation Test Solutions offers the use of the SEREEL2 laser system in our facilities under our expert guidance or you can purchase the equipment for yourself.

Companies looking to take advantage of the SEREEL2 capabilities can purchase the equipment to test hundreds of die in their own facility, saving test and travel costs. While the SEREEL2 comes with a warranty, RTS goes well beyond just selling you a product, i.e., RTS acts as your comprehensive guide to radiation testing for aerospace and satellite applications. Our team will help you set up the SEREEL2 system in your facility and can provide training and consulting to your team.