1 MeV Pelletron Electron-Beam Source

Reserve access to Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. (RTS)’s 1 MeV Pelletron electron-beam source to take advantage of our top-notch testing facility and team of experts. A Pelletron is an electrostatic generator that provides a continuous wave electron beam for testing materials and electronic components. Materials and electronics on the outside of a satellite are vulnerable to significant electrical charging and may require testing with an electron beam to evaluate the potential charging and radiation-induced effects.

General Description

The Pelletron electron beam source in the RTS facility is operational and available for turnkey testing or source rental. The accelerator can emit a continuous wave electron beam at energies up to 1.0 megaelectron volt (MeV). Our equipment is currently configured with a drift tube and a large test chamber, along with appropriate beam control magnets. The chamber accommodates test objects up to 4 in x 4 in (10 cm x 10 cm).
Direct illumination of a large area is accomplished by scanning the electron beam. The accelerator can control beam energies to within 10%. The beam current is stable to within a few percent at currents up to 10 microamps.

Technical Characteristics

Typical Costs and Schedule Lead Times

Contact Radiation Test Solutions today to request a quote for daily equipment rental and our radiation test programs. RTS clients can typically expect a lead time of two to four weeks before they have access to our extensive radiation testing facilities.