14 MeV Neutron Generator Facility

Radiation Test Solutions, Inc. (RTS) offers access to our 14 MeV neutron generator facility for radiation testing and experiments. Clients may reserve the facility for testing to support critical decisions for military and space operations.

General Description

The Thermo Fischer D711 neutron accelerator in our Colorado Springs facility produces high fluxes of 14 MeV (nominal) neutrons for tests such as:
The 14 MeV neutron generator accommodates a range of sample sizes to support different test applications. Our experts carefully monitor dosimetry readings to help ensure safety and compliance during the potentially hazardous procedure.

Technical Characteristics

*For 1 cm diameter sample placed at the surface of the accelerator head.

Instrumentation and Data Collection Equipment Available

Special Features and Requirements

The RTS facility is DLA suitable for radiation testing. We conduct all onsite neutron irradiation experiments to MIL-STD 750 and MIL-STD 883 Test Method 1017 specifications.


Clients may rent the RTS Colorado Springs facility for testing and experiments. We offer turnkey testing services and source rentals. Clients who choose RTS gain more than a radiation lab partner; they gain access to our comprehensive knowledge base. RTS staff members are on hand to support the safe handling and treatment of potentially radioactive specimens. Consult with our experts to design and conduct a radiation testing project.

Typical Costs and Schedule Lead Times

Request a quote for daily equipment rental or to develop a radiation test program. The expansive Colorado Springs facility is home to an assortment of sophisticated radiation testing equipment. Our clients can typically expect a two- to four-week lead time before enjoying the full extent of RTS services.